With the launch of NGO token SwapN>GO goes full DEFI we took this step forward to improve our business and operations and also this will allow a more transparent way to interact with our community, therefore, using the main Ethereum network NGO (ERC20 token) will be distributed in the following way:

Token Name: SWAPNGO

Token Address: 0x5976b1eED9cC221Be127eCad9393Fe0A8Ea8796a

Token Symbol: NGO

Token Decimals: 18

Project Leader: Rafael E Rumbos S

Developers & Talented

In the short period we have been online we have received attacks like any exchange, stop doing these practices for free, let's talk and work together to find vulnerabilities, help us to fix them, find bugs or errors, express ideas for improvements and get rewarded from our bounty reserve of NGO.

Get involved

Buying or getting our token means you want to support us and also you want a piece of the action. SwapN>Go works together with web site, this is where we most engage our community, another way to earn NGO token is helping the visitors, writing blog posts, suggest content, writing helpful comments, promote our content and articles and also any other useful action will be rewarded to users in NGO Token.